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WWICS Higher Education Guidance

We help in choosing the right country.
Attending college or university at international level still remains a big dream for many young individuals mainly because these advanced countries offer the best education in the world. A Degree from these Universities/Colleges is recognized worldwide and students, who graduate from here, have brilliant careers wherever they go. Therefore choosing the right country for study is very important.

Choosing the right university
Assistance to zero-in upon those colleges / universities that would best suit your personal, academic and financial profile.

Choosing the right program
What career should you be opting for ? WWES would guide you through the maze of questions,to find solutions that best suit your academic profile and/or constraints, helping you choose the best career pathway.

Admission Services
Special attention is given to your Application, highlighting the essential areas for a well presented and an error-free application. WWES follows up with the chosen Universities and ensures positive and prompt response.

Visa Services
We help you with Visa formalities like applications, financial statements, interviews and everything, right upto the last-stage details like pre-departure briefing, accommodation, post-arrival problem-solving. Special care is taken to counsel the parents regarding the services provided by us at each and every stage.

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