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School Student Visa

Australia is a popular destination for education. The Australian school system comprises of private and public (government funded) schools. Applicants should have been received approval for pursuing school education in recognized primary and secondary school or a secondary school exchange, to apply for this visa. It is mandatory that they possess Australian School Student t visa to pursue the courses.

Education in Australia begins with a preliminary year, which is followed by six years of primary secondary school, each.

Australian School Student Visa Basic Requirements
In order to apply for an Australian School Student visa, applicants should have adequate English language ability. They should be registered in an authorized Primary or Secondary school course or exchange program as their primary course of study. They should be able to produce evidence of adequate financial means to support themselves. In addition, for their tenure in Australia, they should have acquired overseas student health insurance cover.

In case applicants are under the age of 18 years, they should be able to showcase permission from parents or guardians to pursue education in Australia. They should also be capable of demonstrate suitable requirements for their support, accommodation and general welfare.

Australian School Student Visa Entitlements
An Australian School Student visa is valid till the term of the school concludes. This is a temporary visa and applicants are allowed to live and study in Australia. During the term, visa holders are allowed to work provided they have crossed the minimum age for employment. However, the minimum age for employment varies from each State and Territory.

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