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Tertiary And Vocational Qualifications

Are you looking out to study in New Zealand? Is this your dream destination for higher education? Do the different colleges and universities leave your questions unanswered?

We WWICS resolve all of your queries. We are an immigration assistance consultancy and provide services in immigration, higher education, settlement, placement, strategic business consultancy, and much more.

New Zealand is the happening destination for students looking for the international education and planning to settle there. The country offers top-notch education coupled with great opportunities. WWICS can help you in getting study visa in the various universities and colleges. Below is the explanation of different level of courses that New Zealand universities offer.

Tertiary and vocational qualifications
There are near about 10 levels of education in New Zealand colleges and universities. The lowest level is a certificate program and the highest is a doctoral degree. With the increase of the level the complexity increases. Higher the level, high is the intricacy. The qualifications and their levels in various universities and colleges are:

  • Certificates fall in level 1 to 4 courses
  • Diplomas courses belong to level 5 and 6
  • Bachelor’s degree, graduate diplomas and certificates is a level 7 course
  • Postgraduate diplomas and certificates and bachelor’s degrees with honors are level 8 courses
  • Masters degrees is level 9 program
  • Doctoral degrees is the level 10 program

All the major universities that are enlisted with WWICS segregate their courses on the basis of their course level. This means that you can now easily understand the level of the qualification you are planning to apply for. Moreover, WWICS gives you a platform where you can compare the courses and their levels, which will help you in making a wise choice for your educational orbit.

All major education providers are registered with the WWICS authority, so you can be sure you are studying in an internationally approved university. Tertiary and vocational qualifications at polytechnics and institutes of technology in New Zealand now provide you with a certificate, diploma or degree. These institutions offer plethora of practical and vocational programs.

As per the different course levels, bachelor’s degree in every university usually takes three to four years. Addition to this is that most of the degree structures (course levels) give you the opportunity of combining your ‘major’ subject with supporting subjects known as ‘minor’ subjects to gain another level.

Now you can also study for a postgraduate qualification such as a master’s degree or doctorate after the completion of your bachelor’s degree.

We, at WWICS give you numerous options to apply for your higher education. After all, we primarily focus on the quality of education provided with different course levels.

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