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New Zealand Student Visa

A strong education system coupled with a low cost of living is something New Zealand manages to strike a balance between effectively. It is the country that attracts thousands of international students every year. New Zealand has certain qualities embedded in its education system and destination strengths that are unique to the country, chief among which is the reputation for academic excellence that has been backed by the past records.

It isn’t surprising that the country has emerged as one of the most sought-after education destinations for international students. The New Zealand study visa is easy to get if the students qualifies the educational requirement.

After you complete your study in Recognized Basic New Zealand Qualification, we would help you in getting one year Work Permit under Study to Work Scheme. After working for one year, you will be eligible to claim minimum qualifying points and easily qualify for Expression of Interest to file for New Zealand Permanent Residency which would be filed by WWICS.

Fast Facts – New Zealand

  • 50-55% marks required
  • Good spoken English required
  • High Visa probability
  • Excellent pay during job training
  • Excellent job prospects after course
  • Intakes almost every month
  • Work off-campus for 20 hours per week during studies
  • High prospects of getting Permanent Residency
  • Government helping in settlement in South New Zealand

Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee per year is NZ $ 16000-18000 approximately. Visa Office Fee for student is extra. The annual fee for College/University is not required to be paid in advance and the education quality is excellent. The fee can vary from program to program and is still lower than other destinations.

Part Time Work
The students are permitted to work 20 hours off-campus every week. The average cost of living is 15,000 NZ$ per annum and it is easy for students to find part-time work with  16.50 $ per hour earning capability.

Adult minimum wage

The adult minimum wage rate for employees aged 16 years or older is $17.70 an hour before tax

Post Study Work Rights for International Students

  • To remove the employer-assisted post-study work visas at all levels;
  • To provide a one-year post-study open work visa for students studying Level 4 – 6 and non-degree Level 7 qualifications, with an additional year for Graduate Diploma graduates who are working towards registration with a professional or trade body;
  • To provide a two-year post-study open work visa for students studying Level 4 – 6 and non-degree Level 7 qualifications outside Auckland, provided study is completed by December 2021, at which point the entitlement for post-study work rights reverts to a one-year post-study open work visa for students studying Level 4 – 6 and non-degree Level 7 qualifications with an additional year for Graduate Diploma graduates who are working towards registration with a professional or trade body;
  • To provide a three-year post-study open work visa for degree Level 7 or above qualifications; and
  • To require international students studying Level 8 qualifications to be in an area specified on the Long Term Skills Shortage list, in order for their partner to be eligible for an open work visa, and in turn the partners’ dependent children to be eligible for fee-free domestic schooling.

Jobs and Employment
Information Technology, MBA & Diploma in Business Management, Health Sciences, Hospitality Management, Graphics and Animation, Travel & Tourism, Nursing, Healthcare and many other sectors offer employment opportunities to the professionals in New Zealand. The country has a very low unemployment rate and the salaries and incentives are numerous for the worthy people.

Development goes hand in hand with education and may be this is the reason why this country proudly nones..
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List of Universities and Colleges in New Zealand Names of Universities..
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Eligibility 10+2 for Under Graduate courses 10+2+3 for Post Graduate & Masters..
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Financial Undertaking for a Student (INZ 1014), Sponsorship for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025)..
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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions!!

Q1. How long does it take to process a visa application for immigration to New Zealand?

The time taken by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to process the application can vary depending upon:

  • The requirements of the immigration instructions a candidate is applying under
  • The completeness of the applications received
  • How easily INZ can check the information provided by the candidates
  • How well and how quickly the candidates respond to any concerns raised by INZ with you

Processing times also varies between offices. Once INZ receives the applications, it either gives a decision to the candidates, or tells them within 14 days, as to how long the processing time is predicted to be.

Q2. What are the requirements to apply for Business Visa in New Zealand?

To apply for a New Zealand Business Visa, you must demonstrate:

  • You either operate your own business or hold a management position wherein you are responsible for all the aspects of the business operations.
  • You are of good health and character
  • Any accompanying family member meets the English language requirements
  • You have a genuine business plan
  • You furnish sufficient capital to setup up a business
  • You have not been involved in any kind of business fraud or have not experienced a business failure within the last five years of operation
  • You have sufficient funds to sustain a living
  • Your business will prove to be beneficial for the economy of New Zealand
  • You have researched the business market of New Zealand beforehand and made contacts

Q3. What is the criteria to be eligible for Work to Residence visa?

To be eligible, you’ll need to:

  • Have lived in New Zealand on a Work to Residence visa for two years
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Provide evidence that you’re from an English speaking background or have an IELTS certificate (level 5).

Q4. Who is temporary work visa granted to?

Temporary work visas are granted to those who have a job offer from a New Zealand employer, people with skills that are in demand in the country, people coming for a destination for aspiring immigrants. The country has its own variety of landscape within its small area (as compared to other continents) i.e. golden beaches with blue seas as well as ice covered mountains. Even in comparisons on standard of living, life expectancy, education, literacy, the country comes in top most ranks by defeating others. The country is also safe to live as corruption ratio is very low pacific purpose or event and people who want to gain work experience after studying in New Zealand.

Q5. How do I apply to extend my temporary resident visa?

As you must be on a valid visa at all times while your stay in New Zealand, you must either obtain a further temporary entry visa to remain in New Zealand, or you may depart New Zealand and wait for your residence decision offshore. To obtain a visa further, you must meet the current requirements as specified in the immigration instructions for the visa type you wish to apply for.

Q6. Can Immigration authorities refuse visa applications to New Zealand?

  • Yes, New Zealand has strict immigration regulations. An application is subject to refusal in case the applicant has not furnished all the desired information or submitted wrong supporting documents. It is advised to double check the application and supporting document check list in order to avoid refusal of the application

Q7. What are the requirements for gaining a permanent resident visa?

To be eligible for a permanent resident visa, the principal applicant in their original residence application must:-

  • Hold a resident visa, or must have held one for at least two years continuously
  • Have met any conditions that the resident visa was subject to under section 49(1) of the Immigration Act
  • Meet relevant character requirements, and
  • Have met one of the five commitments to New Zealand criteria as mentioned by the Government of New Zealand

In case you were not the principal applicant in the original residence application, you generally cannot apply for a permanent resident visa unless the principal application applies at the same time or later.

Q8. Can I apply for an immigration visa online?

Yes, applicants applying for a visa under visitor, student or work category can submit their application online.

Q9. How can I obtain a Police Clearance certificate?

  • Police clearance certificates can be obtained from the Regional Passport Office. It can also be obtained from the Office of Deputy Commissioner of Police/Superintendent of Police for the area of the applicant’s residence. To get a police clearance certificate from the Office of Deputy Commissioner of Police/Superintendent of Police, the applicant must obtain a letter for such a certificate from the INZ office. The police clearance certificate submitted with the application must be in original and must bear the official seal.

Q10. Why should I use the services of WWICS for a obtaining a New Zealand immigration Visa?

  • Obtaining a New Zealand permanent residency visa can be a cumbersome and complicated process. Using our expediting services offered by WWICS who specialize in global resettlement and immigration processes, have a team of professionals who can provide you accurate instructions and processing times, guide through the entire process, provide updates and handle all your problems quickly – making what is a complex issue simple.
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