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While flying to any country if New Zealand happens to be your stop, you won’t need to have a visitor visa. Your stay of less than 24 hours in the transit area of the airport won’t call for a visa.

Besides, you won’t need one if – –
Bahamas Bermuda Bolivia Colombia
Costa Rica Ecuador Federated States of Micronesia Indonesia
Kiribati Naura Palau Panama
Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines
Republic of Marshall Islands Samoa Solomon Islands Thailand
Tonga Tuvalo Vanuatu Veneuela
  • You belong to a visa-waiver nation
  • Australia is your next admissible destination
  • You are native or citizen of any of the following countries— spared from transit visa requirements.

Applying for a transit visa
For a single day i.e. for your 24-hour stay in New Zealand, transit visa will go. The visa covers your partner as well as your children who are under nineteen. Children above 19 years of age are supposed to apply for the visa all by themselves.

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