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Money – Professional Fee Only
For the best services offered by the experts, small investment will save you money, time and hassles in the long run. No gimmicks. You are in a win-win situation.

Hassles – None
WWICS is the low cost alternative because it deals in volumes while taking absolute care never indulging in the one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, we provide the best custom designed immigration and settlement assistance. The quantum of entire gamut of services is too long to list here.

Success – Unmatched Success Rate
Thousands of success stories began with WWICS and ten times as many are on the way.

Business Immigration
Our clients get their business plan evaluated as per the International standards and are fully aware of the licensing and registration requirements. We provide the best services to our clients right from the start until they completely settle in the country of their choice.

Pre Settlement Assistance
Our experience over the years give us an edge and expertise to ensure our client’s case is presented in the most effective manner. Preparing and filing the case in an appropriate manner with proper documentation and right compilation is the mantra to our success.Our Counselors guide the clients at every significant stage before they move to Canada, New Zealand, Australia or USA as they provide them with information covering social norms, business environment, taxation policies, insurance, banking, housing, health care, children’s education and travelling etc.

We also arrange for their exploratory visits to these countries so that they can plan strategically and seek links in the market to establish the business / farm in country of their immigration.

Interview Preparation Stage
Our experts Our experts guide the clients about intended businesses in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia and USA.

We train them with mock interviews to enhance their personal skills, so that they are fully prepared in all respects when they go for an interview.

Medical And Landing Paper Stager
We ensure that important medical and landing papers are issued to our clients promptly, without any hassles.In case any In case any In case any change is required in the medicals and landing papers, we make additional representations to the authorities and ensure that the landing papers are released without any delay.

Settlement Assistance
We provide fWe provide free pickup from the airport. WWICS offers a customised Settlement Plan to guide our client’s on social norms and housing arrangements by providing rooms at subsidised rates in our Welcome Homes. Given acute housing shortage, it is virtually impossible to find accommodation on their own and then our Welcome Homes offer a complete family experience they would long for.We also intrWe also introduce our clients to WWICS Club, which becomes a social platform for them to get together and network amongst themselves.

Business Setup Assistance
We advise our clients about establishing qualifying business/ownership of farm. We also help in locating and establishing business farm and getting the same registered. WWICS offers business setup assistance by identifying business/farm locations with complete marketing research. We also introduce our clients to Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Financial experts, Business Management Consultants and Real Estate Agents for their smooth settlement.

Study VISA
We help students achieve their dream of pursuing higher education in accredited institution around the world. We help you in visa formalities like applications, financial statements, interviews and everything right up to the last details – like pre-departure briefing, accommodation, post-arrival problem solving. We assist the parents to ensure the best service in each and every field.

Career Selection:
Personal, one-to-one guidance to help you choose courses that perfectly fit your career and personal goals.

Career Counseling :
WWES would guide you through the maze of questions to find solutions that best suit your profile and/or constraints, helping you choose the best career pathway.

Guidance in opting for the right university / college :
Assistance to zero-in on those institutes that would best suit your personal, academic and financial profile, and not limited to the universities/colleges we represent

Assistance in Admission:
Special attention is given to your application highlighting the areas essential for a well presented, error free application. WWES follows up with the chosen universities and ensures positive and prompt response.

Assistance in finding education loan through bank tie-ups: 
We are associated with most of the leading banks and are able to help the student obtain a bank loan with these banks. Our services cover counseling, provisioning of important documents and advice on amount and type of loan.

We provide a comprehensive interview and visa documentation preparation. Following aspects are covered under this:

  • Full interview preparation
  • Specific attention to important facets of the interview process
  • Mock Sessions to ensure high degree of competence
  • Besides this, in countries whose Visa is processed on file the following are covered:
  • Full comprehensive preparation of file as per the check list
  • Specific attention to documents pertaining to different countries
  • Monitoring of deadlines and timely submission of file
  • Detailed analysis of finances and presenting these with clarity
  • Full support based on the vast experience in the field of visa documents processing

Full information and coordination regarding all aspects of the client’s departure to the college/university. The following services are covered under the Pre- departure briefing:

  • Coordinate arrival with college /university authorities.
  • Briefings on overseas insurance and medical cover
  • Briefings on banking facilities and money transfer
  • Booking and coordination of hotel accommodation with college authorities.
  • Orientation on country, culture, clothing ,etiquette and luggage.
  • Briefing on security aspects and preparation for the course.


  • Full coordination and briefing regarding arrival at destination and airport transfer.
  • Briefing on airport arrival and airport documentation formalities.
  • Ensuring correct knowledge of immigration /visa documents to be filled and employment stamp, these are coordinated with the college and university
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