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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions!!

Q1.What are the various options under which I can immigrate to New Zealand?

There are four main categories for residence applications to New Zealand :

  • General Skill category
  • Business Investor category
  • Family category
  • Humanitarian category

Q2.Can I include my spouse in the principal applicant's immigration application ?

Yes, your spouse who is legally married to the principal applicant may be included in the application. A dependent child (whether natural or adopted) of the principal applicant or spouse/partner may be included in the application for permanent residence.

Q3.What income support do I need to have to successfully immigrate ?

You must have sufficient personal resources to support yourself and your dependants for the first 24 months in New Zealand. New permanent residents are not eligible for benefit from NZ Income Support in these first 2 years, except in emergency cases.

Q4.How much is the application fee ?

The principal applicant and all accompanying dependents have to pay a non-refundable fee to the New Zealand High Commission for processing their application. The applicant has to pay NZ$ 236 to the New Zealand High Qualification Assessment Authorities besides paying a Migration Levy and High Commission Fee of Rs. 23,800 (non-refundable).

Q5.Is it necessary to submit a police clearance certificate ?

Yes, in order to ascertain the fulfillment of the “good character” requirement, police clearances are necessary. They are required for all those included in the application who are 17 years and older. They must be obtained from every country in which you have spent 12 months or more within the past 10 years. Please note that police certificates and clearances must be less than six months old.

Q6.Must I undergo a medical examination ?

Yes, every applicant must undergo Medical (for all applicants which are no more than 03 month old when application logged) and X-Ray examinations in order to demonstrate “good health”. Applicants in good health are considered those who are not likely to be a danger to public health or not likely to be a burden on the health services; or are not unfit for the purpose of entry.

Q7. Is there any benefit for having relatives in New Zealand ?

Yes, in the Business Investor and General Skills categories, points are awarded if you have an immediate family member who is a New Zealand citizen or resident and is willing to undertake sponsorship. The family sponsor is responsible for providing information and advice, and providing accommodation and support in the first 24 months of your residence in New Zealand.

Q8. When can I obtain NZ citizenship ?

You can apply for New Zealand citizenship after 3 years of residency.

Q9. What is the job market like in New Zealand ?

New Zealand is experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals in many occupations. Furthermore, it has unemployment rates as low as 6% in some cities. However, some occupations are more in demand than others. The best way to investigate the employment climate given your specific occupation is to consult the employment section in New Zealand newspapers.

Q10.How can I migrate to Australia as a business person?

Initially, you must apply for a Business Skills (Provisional) visa, which will be granted for a period of four years.
The Business Skills (Provisional) visa category also provides for State/Territory government sponsorship for each visa, to enable States and Territories of Australia to have more influence over the number and skill levels of business migrants they are seeking to attract. If an applicant has sponsorship from a State or Territory government and applies under the State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner, State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive or State/Territory Sponsored Investor visas, they are considered against lower level criteria. State and Territory governments have their own criteria for deciding whom they will sponsor.
These are specialized processing centers for applications in the Business Skills visa categories.
After you have been granted a visa in the Business Skills (Provisional) category, you are expected to either establish or buy into a business in Australia or maintain a designated investment for four years. After you have successfully operated a business for two years or maintained your designated investment for four years, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent Business Skills (Residence) visa. You must apply for this in Australia. A direct permanent residence visa, that is, a migrant visa, will still be available for high-caliber business migrants sponsored by State/Territory governments. It is known as the Business Talent (Migrant) visa.

Q11. If I want to set up a business in Australia, what visa will I require?

If you are seeking short-term entry to Australia for a stay of up to three months to undertake business activities to assist you in establishing a business in Australia, such as business meetings or negotiations, building inspections or equipment installation, you will need to obtain a short stay business visa.

This visa does not permit the applicant to engage in work that might otherwise be carried out by an Australian citizen or permanent resident. If you are seeking long term entry to Australia for a stay of over three months to establish a business in Australia, you will need to obtain a Business Skills visa.

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