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WWICS Services

This is the first step to resettle in a new country…a procedure that demands professional handling of all immigration matters and other complications.

  • Assessment of client’s education (academic and professional), professional skills/ training and experience for Permanent Residency in the country of immigration and advise the client about the immigration laws prevalent at that time.
  • Assisting the client in preparation of case for immigration. Reviewing and identify for submission of all the required documents and supporting evidence.
  • Submitting the complete case with supporting documentation and evidence along with the WWICS Submission Report to the processing Visa Office.
  • Assisting the client in the preparation for the interview at Visa Processing Post through various counseling sessions, both at the branch level and the Head Office level.
  • Multi-stage counseling of the client when they receive File #, Interview, Medical, Landing Papers and on other immigration matters, when required.
  • Keeping in touch with the Visa Office and handling all visa correspondence with the Visa Office, pertaining to the client’s case.
  • Monitoring the client’s case throughout the processing, so as to ensure the issuance of visa in timely fashion.
  • Affecting all additional, written and/or verbal representations to the Processing Visa Office and related authorities and other agencies, as deemed necessary by the company.
  • Faithfully advising the client about the mandatory requirements by the Visa Office with respect to the client’s case.
  • Adopting ways to save time and finances by taking pre-emptive measures for possible problem areas.
  • Assisting clients in assessment/evaluation of their qualification from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration.

Business Immigration
Immigration Services – Pre Landing

    • Advising on compilation and submission of all required documents and supporting evidence
    • WWICS has Chartered accountants on the panel and they help in preparing the business financial documents.
    • Assist the client for exploratory visit for business class clients to the country of immigration
    • Signing of options agreement for purchasing a business /farm during the exploratory visit.
    • Literature on starting a successful business and introductory manual are provided to update knowledge and information about Canada
    • Professional /business/farming guidance as per business scenario in Canada
    • Preparation of Business plan for establishing a business/farm in Canada, New Zealand, Australia or US. It takes research, business acumen, strategizing, knowledge of North American and Asia-pacific markets, identifying trends and opportunities to create business plans for setting up businesses abroad. WWICS has professional staff with international experience for creating customized business plans.
    • Multi-stage counseling at the time of File#, Interview, medical, and landing papers and on immigration matters also.
    • Preparing the client for an interview. We have three courses under which we prepare our client for the interview

(i) Interview Preparation Course (ii) Mock Interviews (iii) Business Readiness Course.

  • Advise about establishing qualifying business/ownership of farm for meeting household expenses.
  • Assessment of education, business skills, training and experience for permanent residence in Canada, New Zealand and L1 Visa, EB-5 Visa for US and advising the clients on the immigration laws prevalent at that time get the judicial review filed in federal provincial court on erroneous rejection of the case.
  • Assist the client in moving to the respective country, preparing for the business environment in that country, finding accommodation, and educational institutes for the children etc.

Settlement and Business Placement Services (Post Landing services)

  • Pick up from the airport on landing and leaving at pre-arranged accommodation.
  • Counseling sessions on business environment in country of immigration (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA)
  • Assist in making an application for permanent resident card, social security card, health card and a driving license.
  • Assistance in applying for opening a bank account and credit card and getting a locker/safe deposit vault from the bank
  • Introducing with bank representative, franchise brokers and real estate brokers.
  • Crucial information on the living, traveling ,banking ,education, health, housing, shopping, taxation and other business /farm related topics to ensure smooth settlement.
  • Information regarding transfer of funds to country of immigration through authorized dealers/banks/upon immigration and thereafter for starting up a business/farming.
  • Locating and establishing Business/Farm. We advise our clients about establishing qualifying business/ownership of farm. We also help in locating and establishing business farm and getting the same registered.We offer business setup assistance by identifying business/farm locations with complete marketing research. We also introduce our clients to Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Financial experts, Business Management Consultants and Real Estate Agents for their smooth settlement. We have tie-ups with companies in Canada for establishing Joint Ventures for business persons wanting to eliminate the uncertainty of starting a business venture alone in Canada.
  • Getting the business/farm registered & Getting GST number
  • Citizenship issues/sponsorship issues
  • Introduction to the WWICS club and its activities

Students VISA
Free Counseling
The WWES staff, which is a group of highly trained individuals, has over the long years of their service gathered much experience and expertise in the field of guiding and counseling students. Being fully acquainted with all the New Zealand Universities / Institutions, they smoothly and effortlessly guide the student through the entire Admission and Visa process. Also, all the personalized counseling and detailed information the students receive from WWES is absolutely free.

Comprehensive Backup Service
At WWES, we have always believed that our service should not automatically finish the moment our students depart from the country. We extend a helping hand towards them even after they are settled in their chosen New Zealand University and try to deal with the problems they are facing. Whether the problem is personal, social or educational, we try to do whatever we can to help our students’ says Liz Batra.

Visa Services
The preparation for the visa is a complex process and much goes into it. WWES helps students prepare their Visa application in as short duration as possible. WWES ensures that the aspiring student has all the pre-requisites to meet the requirements of the New Zealand High Commission. A complex and time consuming process it might be, but WWES has had a success rate of over 95% with visa approvals, and continues to maintain the same level of proficiency and mastery, as it evolves and moves into deeper avenues of success.

Travel & Foreign
Exchange WWES helps students with travel arrangements and assists them in arranging foreign exchange. They also assist students with Insurance coverage and many other smaller details, which arise as a student is preparing to leave for New Zealand

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