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We provide the best services to our clients, right from the start until they completely settle in the country of their choice.

It is very important to file the application aptly. In case, it is not appropriately documented, case could be rejected. Our experience over the years has given us an edge and expertise to ensure that our client’s case is presented in the most effective manner. Based on the knowledge and experience, we prepare a Submission Report, which shows and presents how has the client met the criteria. Preparing and filing the case in an appropriate manner with proper documentation and right compilation is the mantra to our success. This also strengthens their chances and helps them in getting Interview Waivers. We regularly keep in touch with the Visa Offices to handle all correspondence pertaining to our client’s case.

After filing the case, the application is reviewed on the basis of education, training and work experience. In almost 50% cases, clients receive Interview Waivers because of perfect presentation of case. In case, the client is called for an interview, our experts guide him/her about the intended occupation in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand & USA with skills, education, language and training up-gradation, required to come at par with the international standards.

We provide thorough training under our Interview Preparation Course (IPC). We groom the clients with mock interview so that they are fully prepared and confident when they go for the interview. Thirty percent of our clients receive telephonic interviews and they succeed due to thorough and expert guidance given by our counselors.

We ensure that the Medical and Landing Papers are issued to our clients promptly and without any hassle. In case, any changes are required in the Medical and Landing Papers, we make additional representation to Immigration Authorities and ensure that the papers are released without any further delay. In case of any medical problem, we would file a Judicial Review to ensure our client’s success. We have been successful in overturning 700 or more of such rejected cases.

Moving to a new country involves lot of preparations. So, to ensure early settlement and success, our Settlement Division takes on the job to prepare the clients right from the stage they retain our services, guiding them to upgrade their educational qualifications and acquire additional professional skills required in the country they are immigrating to. Our Counselors guide our clients at this significant stage before they move to Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand & USA by providing them with information covering social norms, housing, health care, children’s education, banking, traveling, taxation etc.

The Employment Readiness Course (ERC) covers the job culture, preparation for the job market and work ethics in these countries. Information about upgrading professional and educational qualifications, licensing or professional registration requirements, list of potential employers, exams to be taken in order to obtain a license and registration in any of these countries and effective job search techniques, professional licensing and registrations, preparation of licensing exams are also provided by our experts. All this goes a long way in early settlement of our clients.

We take care of all their needs from the time our clients retain our services till they are completely settled abroad. After landing abroad, we take care of their airport pickup, subsidized rooms at Welcome Homes, help in opening a Bank Account, Credit Card, Driving License, Government Card, finding education institutes for children, getting insurance and many more such services. Advanced orientation sessions by our counselors cover guidance and assistance about living in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand & USA, their social life and culture, banking, health and life insurance, education, health services, traveling and much more. These sessions help our clients acclimatize to life abroad without wasting their valuable time.

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